We're Icebox Coffee, and we make FRESH, BOLD cold brew.



In 2012, with a 5 gallon bucket and a bag of coffee, Bebe Goodrich set out to bring the rich, cold brewed coffee she grew up drinking in New Orleans to her new community in Birmingham, Alabama. Quickly, Bebe's brew amassed a loyal following at the local Farmers' Market, and Icebox was born.


New cold brew lovers brought new flavor ideas. Bebe's classic New Orleans Style paid homage to her childhood, but more was in store for Icebox. As Icebox expanded to local grocers, Madagascar Vanilla was born, followed by a Decaf option, and later, Magic City Mocha, a tribute to Birmingham.

Icebox Coffee embodies the richness of family, culture, Southern tradition and creativity that Bebe wanted to share with the world. Icebox is for hustlers, dreamers and doers. Sip some cold brew and join us.

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