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Over the last few years, we are often asked about Icebox. Why'd you start it? What's the best thing about it? What's the hardest part of entrepreneurship? As we move through this journey, we think it's best to share our experiences with you, our customers. You are the reason we're here, the reason we're succeeding, but you're also the ones asking us more behind the scene. What's your story? In this blog, it will unfold in chapters. If you have questions, just email us. We'll blog about it.

Thanks for drinking Icebox and helping make a dream a reality. 

Bebe Goodrich



Chapter 1: Filling the void for quality, cold brewed coffee outside of New Orleans


Growing up in New Orleans taught me a lot of things, but leaving the city taught me even more. For one thing I learned that I was spoiled rotten. You know that cliché saying, “you never know what you have, until its gone,” well that couldn’t be more true for a New Orleans native living outside of The Big Easy.

New Orleans is the place that Starbucks goes to die. As the largest importer of coffee in the US, coffee is truly part of New Orleans' fabric. For me, it was a simple experience. Whether I was enjoying a creamy cup over a conversation with my grandmother or studying for high school exams at PJ's with a frozen granita or 10, coffee has been my drink of choice since I can remember. And not just coffee, New Orleans cold brewed coffee. Cold brewed coffee is a common practice in New Orleans.


When I left the city in 2003, I couldn't find a cup quite like the one I was used to. From attending college in rural Virginia to living in the big city life in Washington, DC,  there was always something missing. Getting a quality cup of coffee became an arduous event, rather than a simple part of my daily routine. 

In 2010 I moved to Birmingham and knew that was the end of it. I'd never find a good coffee again. The only gig in town at the time was Starbucks, and after growing up with the best local brews in America, a Grande Iced Coffee for $4.00 wasn't my cup of joe. So once and for all, I was going to fix it. I was going to bring the New Orleans experience to the masses!

The thing about New Orleans is great food and drink is everywhere. Convenience is never a problem, there's a local coffee shop every 2 blocks and everyone's house has cold brew. So in order to make the New Orleans experience real, we had to offer not only quality cold brewed coffee, but effective and convenient coffee as well.

When I set out on the adventure that is Icebox Coffee, I was truly looking to create a simple, high quality, personalized coffee experience. We pride ourselves on the rich flavor profile of Icebox Coffee. It's crafted specifically for the purpose of being a staple in your fridge. I wanted to create something that you could drink every day, twice a day, that mixes well with cream and sugar on your sweeter days, but stands up on it's own when served hot and black on your tougher days. It was quite an undertaking, to solve the great cold brew coffee shortage in one simple bottle, but we're doing it. We package a simple, quality experience that is uniquely yours.

I hope you haven't been too bored by my first chapter, and will join me as I unfold the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Icebox Coffee adventures.  Cheers!