Everyday we show up to accomplish one thing – brew a rich, flavorful cup of coffee at a price you can afford to drink all day, every day.


What goes into that? Craftsmanship from bean to brew. When sourcing coffee we look for bold roast that will hold up well when blended with milk and sugar, but are smooth enough to enjoy black or even straight.


The New Orleans Blend was our very first coffee. When establishing the profile, the first person I turned to is my father, Lee Terrell. A coffee aficionado, he roasts his own beans before grinding and hand pressing his espresso.  This guy knows coffee. His passion for carefully crafted coffee, coupled with my enthusiasm for exceptional cold brewed coffee, gave us the foundation to build a roast profile that would keep our commitment to quality and cost in mind from bean to brew.


Initially, we bought one pound, single origin bags off Sweet Maria’s; roasted and cupped each bag independently before blending. Once we established a strong base blend, we added in the French chicory to give it the authentic New Orleans touch.


What happens when you have one pound of exquisite coffee and a need to reproduce on a larger scale? You call everyone you know in the roasting industry until you find a partner who can fit the bill.


Our roasting partners are our most trusted partners. Situated in the muddy water of New Orleans and the red clay of Birmingham, our two roasting partners are southern stables and industry leaders.


Upon receipt of each coffee batch, we brew one pound to test the quality of the finished product before putting the coffee into a larger production run.


Not only does our commitment to quality and flavor start at the source, but it is part of our DNA and that of the city around us.


Next up… The art of cold brewing