Looking for a way to transform your daily cup of coffee? The latest way to enjoy your Icebox cold brew is to have it infused with nitrogen. Yes, you read that correctly! A brand new coffee experience awaits when we add nitrogen to your favorite cold brew. The result is a rich, creamy, and incredibly smooth alternative to your everyday drink.

So, how is it made?

The Nitro Brew process begins with our specially crafted Icebox cold brew. First, we start with beans specifically sourced for cold brewing. We then add purified water to the grounds and let them steep at 72 degrees for 24 hours. Next, this coffee is filtered twice before it is held in small batches. This allows the flavor to evolve for another 12 hours. This coffee is then filtered one last time before it becomes the Icebox coffee concentrate that we know and love. Infusing this coffee with Nitrogen is what turns this delicious cold brew into a Nitro Brew.

Wait... how is Nitro Brew different from cold brew?

Nitrogen affects the cold brew coffee in two main ways: the taste and the texture. The infusion of Nitrogen causes the cold brew coffee to take on a smooth, creamy texture – similar to that of a stout beer. Nitro Brew coffee is also naturally less bitter than regular cold brew, which is a plus for those who prefer a sweeter pick-me-up. Those who would often need to add cream or sugar to black coffee are able to drink Icebox Nitro Brew straight – definitely a game-changer for many coffee drinkers!

How can I enjoy Nitro Brew ASAP?

Nitro Brew is revolutionizing the way people drink coffee because of the many ways it can be dispensed. The most popular way is to store it in one of our kegs, which can then be poured from a tap. The result is a foam finish with a slight bubbly effervescence.

This is a great carb-free alternative to any other afternoon treat, such as soda or beer. These Icebox Nitro Brew kegs have been a big hit in coffee shops, pubs, tailgates, office settings, and more!