Meet the Team


Bebe Goodrich 

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Story: Bebe learned to appreciate great coffee at an early age. As she moved throughout the country, she longed for the rich, flavorful coffee she enjoyed back home. In 2012, Bebe decided to remedy that problem by making her own cold-brew concentrate, just like the coffee her parents kept in their icebox.
With a bag of coffee and a bucket, Bebe set up shop in her garage. After a few Saturdays at the local farmer’s market, Bebe’s brew amassed a loyal following and Icebox Coffee was born. The same great recipe and attention to detail that Bebe brought from New Orleans is still used today. 
As a mother of two Bebe truly does it all. Her hard work and nonstop attitude inspire the team at Icebox Coffee to create and share the incredible product that is Icebox Coffee.
Interests: Cooking and consuming great food and 90's country music
How do you drink Icebox: hot at 6am, iced at 9am, and sweet at 2pm

Kevin Brown

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Story: Meet Kevin. Kevin is the smartest, nicest member of the team and the only one who can count. Additionally, Kevin is our taster. He works along side of Bebe to taste each cup and make certain it meets our standard of excellence. 
Interests: $1 Beer, Football, and WWE
How do you drink Icebox: Lightly sweetened 

Zeb Hastings

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Story: Zeb was the original Icebox Nitro-Man, running up and down the east coast selling cold brewed coffee on tap. Today, Zeb's in charge of operations at Icebox Coffee. When he's not bottling coffee, he's dreaming up our next big idea!
Interests: Phish and the outdoors
How do you drink Icebox: Over ice with a little Kahlua

Kathryn Vetrano

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Story: Kathryn was tricked into working at Icebox Coffee. We promised great coffee, nice people, and good living. Instead, she got a collection of misfits that need constant oversight. As the Business Manager, Kathryn makes certain we keep moving forward. 
Interests: Art, Music, Bike Riding, Being Worldly. 
How do you drink Icebox: Nitro Brew

Scott Dugger

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Story: While Scott might look like a nice guy, he's here to enforce the rules. As the Quality Assurance Manager, Scott spends his days critiquing everyone to ensure we don't miss a beat. Want a hard job that's under appreciated, try this one. 
Interests: Fast cars, Raising children
How do you drink Icebox: Straight Black

Meredith Davis

Hometown: Fairhope, Alabama
Story: Love what you do! That's Meredith's job. An Icebox advocate before she turned team member, Meredith is the voice behind Icebox on the web. 
Interests: Travel, Live Music, Cooking
How do you drink Icebox: With Half & Half and Hazelnut Syrup

Sarah McFarland

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Story: An entrepreneur at heart, Sarah is the newest face of Icebox Coffee. As the Brand Manager, Sarah ensures that each action we take is focused on bringing customers what they want. 
Interests: Community and Outdoors
How do you drink Icebox: Hot with almond milk.