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Meet the Team

Bebe Goodrich 

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Story: Bebe learned to appreciate great coffee at an early age. As she moved throughout the country, she longed for the rich, flavorful coffee she enjoyed back home. In 2012, Bebe decided to remedy that problem by making her own cold-brewed concentrate, just like the coffee her parents kept in their icebox.
With a bag of coffee and a bucket, Bebe set up shop in her garage. After a few Saturdays at the local farmer’s market, Bebe’s brew amassed a loyal following and Icebox Coffee was born. The same great recipe and attention to detail that Bebe brought from New Orleans is still used today. 
As a mother of two Bebe truly does it all. Her hard work and nonstop attitude inspire the team at Icebox Coffee to create and share the incredible product that is Icebox Coffee.
Interests: Cooking and consuming great food and 90's country music
How do you drink Icebox: hot at 6am, iced at 9am, and sweet at 2pm

Courtney Pollard

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Story: It all started when Bebe approached Courtney's wife about finding some of Icebox's first employees. Courtney's wife quickly put him to work - since then, he has been a loyal team member at Icebox Coffee. Today, Courtney is a brewer at Icebox.
Interests: Fishing, Jazz and Barbecuing
How do you drink Icebox: "Ice cold with milk... but I'm experimenting with some cocktails"

Zeb Hastings
Head Brew Master

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Story: Zeb started with Icebox less than a year ago. His family has been in the restaurant industry for 30 years, and Zeb has similar aspirations. As the Head Brew Master, Zeb oversees the entire brewing process and ensures that the coffee meets the strict guidelines of Bebe's recipe. 
Interests: Phish, the outdoors, and coldbrew
How do you drink Icebox: Over ice with a little Kahlua

John Pearce
Marketing Manager

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Story: After starting as an intern for Icebox Coffee and refusing to leave after completing his internship... John handles marketing and content development at Icebox.   
Interests: Live music, photography, and long walks on the beach
How do you drink Icebox: Nitro Brew